Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midnight Ramblings...

Well technically it is not midnight, it is 4am and I still have not gone to bed. I can not sleep for some unknown reason. I have mom who is due to have her baby as of yesterday so I should be asleep. Today is the anniversary of my first birth as a doula. I have attended three births in the past year. Waiting on my fourth. The road to doula-hood has not gone as fast as I initially anticipated that it would, but each birth has been amazing. And I have learned so much at each of them.

  • 2 hospital births 
  • 1 homebirth (midwife didn't make it :)
  • 1 VBAC
  • 1 first time mom

I have to have 6 births to complete my doula certification. I am unsure if I want to go through with certification. The organization that I trained with, toLabor, is awesome though and not overly restricting in practice. I have never called myself a "doula in training." It just does not feel right and I do not feel like I am in training. I am just a doula. I might not be an uber experienced doula but I have a lot to bring to the situation. Ideally I would like to have 1-2 births a month. It is going to take a while to get there...

OK, enough rambling, the baby will be up in 3-4 hours. Maybe I will get lucky and he will sleep in until 10. He has done it already this week but I highly doubt that he will do it a second time.

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